I am an amateur photographer from Co. Tyrone in Ireland.  I love being out and about in the towns and countryside round Ireland taking photos of its landscapes, nature and interesting places.  Increasingly I find myself hill walking in the high places, or walking around the coast, forests or loughs, but equally I may be out for a drive with my family. Whether the trip ia long or short, on foot or by car, there is always something to see, and many photos to take. Some of my photos can be found at my redbubble portfolio.  However, when out with my camera, I often take photos which are not necessarily the type of thing you would want on your wall, but have interesting subjects.  I decided to start the blog as a way of showing these photos, and giving a wee bit of background information on the walk or drive they were taken on or the subject matter.  There are also some galleries under the page menu on the right.

I hope the posts will be of interest to hill walkers, those planning a visit to Ireland, locals or tourists revisiting a spot they’ve enjoyed, or anyone with an interest in Ireland.The photos on my redbubble site are for sale, and therefore I only post the shots with better technique, lighting etc.  Here, I will be more relaxed about including shots that are not good enough to sell, but contribute to a sense of place or have other value.  Some shots however, will appear on both sites.

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    1. Cheers Mick. “last of the Leaves” was the one I voted for too. When I started on WordPress, I did a search on Ireland and photography which led me to your blog which was instantly impressive.

    1. Thanks Eddie. My pleasure on the follow – I’d be interested in your type of subject matter, and loved the way you capture it. I’ll definitely be a regular visitor to your blog.

    1. Cheers Cybele. Tyrone wouldn’t be the best known part of Ireland, but it has some nice spots, and its not too bad for reaching everywhere else so I’m often out and about.

  1. Hi Aidy, I would like to ask for your permission to use one of your photos. Could you get in touch via email please?

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