Donegal Beaches Slideshows 6 – 10

Up to Part 10 in my series of slideshows on the beaches of Co. Donegal now, and I’m still not even out of Inishowen!  Its been taking a fair bit of time to process all the photos, and get them in the right format for the videos, and then put the slideshows together.  As a result I still haven’t got round to finishing the Mweelrea walk yet, but its on the list 🙂


In Part 6 I’ve rounded Malin Head, going west, and visit the nearby beaches at Portronan and Binreagh.  Portronan is a short stretch of sandy beach beside the pier, whereas Binreagh is a long stretch of stony beach ending in a rugged, rocky outcrop backed by impressive cliffs.  It almost seemed to have a prehistoric atmosphere, and I wouldn’t have been surprised to have seen a pterodactyl soaring above…well, I might have been a bit surprised.



Part 7 continues down the western side of the Inishowen Penisula visiting the beautiful Five Finger Strand, and almost a continuation of it, just around a corner in the coastline, the beach at Drung.  One of the best views of Five Finger Strand is from above, on the high ground on the northern side.



Just across the bay from the above, are those found in Part 8 – a series of beaches in Doagh Isle starting at Doagh Strand and ending at Carrickabraghy Castle.



Next up are the beaches around the towns of Ballyliffin and Clonmany, in Part 9.



Finally, in Part 10, its on to the strands at Lenan and Crummies Bay, two long stretches of golden sand.



As I said, I’m not even finished with the Inishowen Peninsula yet after 10 slideshows, so this is looking like it will be a much larger project than I originally anticipated.  I’m enjoying the journey though, both the metaphorical one of looking through my photo archives and putting them together, and the real journey of touring round the beaches to get more photos where required.


I’ll probably have Inishowen completed within the next 5 videos or so, and have moved on to the next big Donegal Peninsula – Fanad, which has its fair share of beaches too!


14 thoughts on “Donegal Beaches Slideshows 6 – 10

  1. More stunning shots Aidy. Makes you realise how much Donegal has to offer. Crummies Bay looks gorgeous. Great light in that set too. Really like the shot of Dunaff Head with the pebbles on the beach. See what you mean about Binreagh, very dramatic landscape. Looks like there’s quite a big mountain across the water (Swilly I assume) from there, any idea what it is?

    1. Thanks Martin – appreciate the generous comments. Lough Swilly would be behind that mountain and the view is looking across the channel between Five Finger Strand on one side and Doagh Island on the other. The highest one in that view is probably Raghtin More near Clonmany looking bigger than it actually is 🙂

      1. Slowly inching my way round 🙂 Its amazing how many beaches there are in Donegal when you start looking into it! Maybe there’ll be a few of the spots you were in when I get that far.

  2. This is a wonderful series of photographs, Aidy. I wonder if the Donegal Tourist Board would be interested in using them. They are a terrific advert for the area.

    1. Thanks Jessica – I’m really glad you like them and hope you get to visit that area sometime. I’d certainly be happy for them to used to promote Donegal but it probably sells itself anyway 🙂

  3. I mean, I would have been surprised, and, frankly, scared to see a pterodactyl, but you’re right, it does have that feel. It’s cool that places like that, nearly untouched by time, can still exist in this world. Thanks for capturing it so well and of sharing.

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