Donegal Beaches Slideshows 1 – 5

A quick post (interrupting my Mweelrea Walk series) to show the first 5 slideshows in a Youtube set I’ve been working on.  The plan is to do a series of slideshows on most of the beaches in Co. Donegal, starting in the northeast on the shores of Lough Foyle, and ending in Bundoran in the southwest.  The counter-clockwise trip will eventually cover around 1130km of coastline!


The first 5 videos posted so far complete the eastern shore of the Inishowen Peninsula.

First up is series of coarse sand and stony beaches in eastern Inishowen, on the shores of Lough Foyle, around the small towns of Moville and Greencastle.




Next, a couple of beaches found either side of Stroove lighthouse; White Strand on the south, and Stroove Beach on the north.  The lighthouse provides a focus point for photographers, but there are also some fantastic rocks, and an odd old jetty.




Part 3 covers Kinnagoe Bay, a beautiful stretch of sandy beach backed by cliffs, and again, with some fantastic rock formations for the photographer.  Also featured is Tremone Bay with its monument for Thomas D’Arcy McGee who left here for Canada and played a key role in its history.




Part 4 covers Culdaff and its long sandy strand with Bunagee pier at the northern end, Portmor, also with a pier, and another, unnamed stony beach close to Malin Head.




Finally, concluding the journey along the eastern coast of the Inishowen Peninsula is the fantastic Ballyhillin Beach.  This raised, stony beach was one of my favourites.  There was a constant clicking of pebbles as they rattled together in the surf which was really crashing into the beach.  There was an amazing variety of colours in the pebbles, and there are semi-precious stones to be found among them including cornelian, chalcedony, jasper, serpentine and agate.  The wider views take in Banba’s Crown on Malin Head, with its old watch tower from the Napoleonic Wars.



If nothing else, the videos have been a sort of cheap digital photo frame for me, as I can watch them as a playlist on Youtube on the big TV in our living room 🙂




10 thoughts on “Donegal Beaches Slideshows 1 – 5

  1. This is a terrific way to display your photographs, Aidy. I am really enjoying them. The viewer gets a real sense of what it would feel like to walk along the beaches. They are a great advert for tourists to Donegal shores.

    1. Thanks Jessica – I’ve enjoyed visiting all the small coves and hidden beaches I hadn’t been to before, Nice to see the images on the big screen afterwards too. Hasn’t left much time for the blog but I suppose it’ll still be here when I’m finished 🙂

  2. Great videos, Aidy. Really gives a feel for the variety of scenery in Inishowen (I stayed at a friend’s caravan in Quigleys Point at the weekend but didn’t see much besides the Point Inn 🙂). I’m especially intrigued by Ballyhillin, the stones are gorgeous and nicely captured. I love the one with them partially covered by foam. The tower forms a great backdrop in these shots too. Interesting Canadian link and monument at Tremone Bay.

    1. Cheers Martin. I’d say the inside of the Point Inn has its charms too! Ballyhillin is brilliant, and easy to combine with a walk round Malin Head. Inishowen could take months of exploring on its own – great area.

    1. Thanks Cybele. The temptation is to use some of my favourite songs or pieces of music, but there’s a good chance Youtube will take the video down, so I went for the royalty free pieces they offer themselves. Some of them are very good.

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