10 comments on “Donegal Beaches Slideshows 1 – 5

  1. This is a terrific way to display your photographs, Aidy. I am really enjoying them. The viewer gets a real sense of what it would feel like to walk along the beaches. They are a great advert for tourists to Donegal shores.

    • Thanks Jessica – I’ve enjoyed visiting all the small coves and hidden beaches I hadn’t been to before, Nice to see the images on the big screen afterwards too. Hasn’t left much time for the blog but I suppose it’ll still be here when I’m finished 🙂

  2. Great videos, Aidy. Really gives a feel for the variety of scenery in Inishowen (I stayed at a friend’s caravan in Quigleys Point at the weekend but didn’t see much besides the Point Inn 🙂). I’m especially intrigued by Ballyhillin, the stones are gorgeous and nicely captured. I love the one with them partially covered by foam. The tower forms a great backdrop in these shots too. Interesting Canadian link and monument at Tremone Bay.

    • Cheers Martin. I’d say the inside of the Point Inn has its charms too! Ballyhillin is brilliant, and easy to combine with a walk round Malin Head. Inishowen could take months of exploring on its own – great area.

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