10 comments on “Beaches Of Donegal Youtube Slideshows

  1. These are stunning shots, Aidy. So many I’d love to visit. Love the close-up of the stones on Ballyhillin. Amazing about the Alaskan visitor. Cruit Island and Sheskinmore stand out as well and I love the shot overlooking Five Finger Strand. Great project, I enjoyed Part 1. Prettier beaches than I expected on the Lough Foyle side.

    • Cheers Martin. The Alaskan guy was quite a character – worked out in the wilderness for years and did some gold panning for the craic sometimes. So many great beaches in Donegal – would be a great cycling holiday for you!

  2. These beautiful photographs are an incredible advertisement for an amazing area and I feel especially drawn to the pebble beaches. I love the inclusion of the YouTube slideshow, too. Thanks, Aidy.

    • Thanks Cybele. I still have a handful of beaches still to visit – its been great visiting new ones and revisiting some I’ve already been to. Some really enjoyable days out.

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