Lugnaquilla Part 2: Corrigasleggaun And Cloghernagh


At the cairn and trig pillar on the summit of Lugnaquilla.


In Part 1 I had reached the summit of Lugnaquilla, having coming up from Glenmalure, via Cloghernagh.  As I had got closer to the summit, the initial clear, bright conditions I’d enjoyed in the morning, gave way to murk as clouds closed in over the mountain top.  I had lost all views, and as I prepared to leave the summit, there didn’t seem much point in following my initial plan to take in the 794 metre high Corrigasleggaun on my way back.  It looked like I would just head straight for Cloghernagh and then Glenmalure again.



The route took me through the Wicklow Mountains National Park.



A cairn on the long saddle between Lugnaquilla and Cloghernagh – useful for route finding in the often cloudy conditions up here, even if you have a map and compass, as the landscape can seem featureless.


Corrigasleggaun lies to the south of the long, gently sloping saddle between Lugnaquilla and Cloghernagh, connected in turn by another saddle, and as I reached the point where it branched off, visibility began to improve a bit.  The saddle over to Corrigasleggaun began to emerge from the gloom, and I could also make out Kellys Lough to the east of the mountain.  As conditions continued to improve, I decided to walk over to Corrigasleggaun after all, although the weather and light didn’t reach the heights of the morning again.



Kellys Lough emerging from the foggy clouds.



I could also now make out the saddle over to Corrigasleggaun, on the right of the frame.



Heading along the saddle.



Looking backwards, back up the saddle in the direction I’d come from.



Looking towards Cloghernagh.



Views eastwards.


It was a short walk, with no strenuous climbing, to the summit cairn on Corrigasleggaun.



The summit cairn and resident sheep.



At the summit.


It was well worth the short diversion, even if the views still weren’t particularly clear, just to add another almost 800 metre peak.  As I made my way back up to the main saddle between Lugnaquilla and Cloghernagh, the cloud on Lugnaquilla began to clear too, and I got my first views of that mountain as a whole, even though I’d already ascended it.



Cloud beginning to clear from Lugnaquilla on the right.






The countryside far below to the east becoming clearer too.



Back on my original route, heading for Cloghernagh, looking down on Kellys Lough. 






Lugnaquilla, briefly cloud free!  It was great to finally get a good look at the mountain.


This section is easy walking, and in no time, I was back on the summit of Cloghernagh.



The summit cairn on Cloghernagh.  I had better views now than I’d had when standing here on the way up.


Time, in Part 3 to make my way back to Glenmalure via Art’s Lough.



9 thoughts on “Lugnaquilla Part 2: Corrigasleggaun And Cloghernagh

    1. Cheers Martin. Would have liked the same weather I had in the morning, but not too bad. Once you get up there the walking’s easy – fairly level, dry, short vegetation. You were probably over similar ground yourself.

      1. Yes I remember it being handy enough after the zigzags. Looked up that mountain on the map, would’ve been a handy detour. We headed north after Lug then looped back down to Glenmalure, further into the valley, but was awkward enough descending. Definitely want another Wicklow trip.

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