18 comments on “Some Recent Shots

  1. Aidy, you’re not going to believe this!! I’m that photo at The Murder Hole Beach!! I was down that same evening when the whole place lit up red. Have a look at your photo and you’ll see two lads sitting on the ridge, left off the centre. I’m 99% sure that’s us from the same evening!

      • That’s absolutely amazing Proinsias! That’s me in the video alright – it would have been 26 March. I actually saw you and pointed out the drone to Jackie, the other photographer there. Stunning video by the way! We left shortly after that – pity I didn’t bump into you. I wouldn’t bet against us crossing paths somewhere in Donegal again 🙂

  2. Excellent shots Aidy. I like the Urris ones as I’ve done a hike there and recognise the views. Knockalla looks class too and well worth exploring. Love the sunset ones from Rosguill. Light is fantastic and that’s a great perspective on Horn Head. You’re making me want to head to Donegal. I like this ‘medley’ of photos concept! Agree it can be overwhelming as it takes time to put it all together.

    • Thanks Martin. There is just an endless amount of great walking in Donegal – you’d really love Knockalla. I think I might do more short posts, or individual shots now, as well as the longer stories. Why put ourselves under pressure for a blog that’s only a bit of craic. I can still do the trip and hike stories as time allows. See Proinsias comments for an amazing coincidence – I’ve linked his aerial videos before. Cheers again for the generous comments!

      • No probs Aidy, love those Murder Hole images. That is some coincidence alright with Proinsias! His video is stunning, I really like his style. A refreshing take on drone work.

        I have been trying to keep the posts shorter, in my case partly because I suspect not many people are reading 🙄 I do think most people skim read, especially when the subject matter isn’t familiar. I do enjoy reading your longer route descriptions though so a mix could work well. Sometimes I might only take one or two (decent) shots on a hike so I can see the appeal of doing a post with a number of trips included.

      • Its hard to know. I think if I have 2 or 3 shots I’m really happy with, that’s ok, and the rest have a different purpose – just to give a sense of the place. Record shots I suppose, which have their place. Wouldn’t worry much about reader numbers – I’m a niche market 🙂

      • Nothing wrong with being niche, means people sharing your niche will really appreciate your work (if they can find you)! Know what you mean about giving a good sense of each hike/location, I like to do the same. People appreciating it is a bonus but the main thing is it’s a personal outlet.

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