Some Recent Shots

I”ve been trying to post photos here in chronological order, but I have such a backlog now, that it will take a while to get up to date.  I normally process a few favourite images from each shoot fairly quickly, but I usually include a good few shots from each trip to tell a bit of a story, so its hard to find the time to get a full post finished.  It is frustrating sometimes, as I suppose like most photographers, I tend to be more excited about my most recent photos, and I always want to put them up here straight away rather than wait until I have a whole post ready.  I’ve decided to cheat this time, and do a post with some of my favourite recent photos, from several different days out.  If you can’t break your own rules…



A fairly stormy day, with sea spray being forced through a narrow blowhole at Doagh Island in Co. Donegal.  A photo (or at least my photo) can’t really get across the power and spectacle.  Fantastic to witness.



The next few photos were all taken on a walk along the ridge of hills from The Urris Hills to Raghtin More on the Inishowen Peninsula in Co Donegal.  The one above is looking down over Lough Fad and across the sea to the Fanad Peninsula.



A slight shift in view to the left, taking in Knockalla Hill, which I’ll get to later in the post.  So often when I’m hill walking I’ll see another hill or mountain in the distance that I then want to climb in the near future.


IMG_1456The first of three shots taken on the same walk, a little further on from Croaghcarragh.



The view in this shot and the one above is towards Mamore Hill, Crockmain and Raghtin More.



Looking in the same direction, but also with Slievekeeragh Hill on the right, with the sun catching the remote valley in between.



Later the same day, on Mamore Hill, with passing showers over the sea.



Rippled sand on a beautiful day on Drumnacraig Beach on the Fanad Peninsula in Co Donegal.



A bit further north on the Fanad Peninsula, and I was walking on another little beach when I found this arch that I was previously unaware of.



Further north again on the Fanad Peninsula, and this is a well known spot – The Great Pollet Arch.



Back in the hills, this time on Knockalla which I mentioned earlier when I saw it from the Urris Hills.  Knockalla is a compact ridge with these beautifully situated loughs about half way along.  The lower slopes of the hill are where on a different day I took this photo



I spent a great day walking along Tra na Rossan beach, over Crocknasleigh Hill and Melmore Hill, to end up at Boyeeghter Strand, (also known as the Murder Hole!) on the Rosguill Peninsula.  The sky lit up with spectacular colour after the sun had sunk below the horizon.  Here, Horn Head is on the left, with the sun just skimming the top of Tory Island on the right.  While I was there, it was a pleasure to meet Jackie Campbell from Dublin – a professional photographer who was shooting for a few days in Donegal.  It was interesting to see a professional landscape photographer at work, and you can see some of Jackie’s fantastic work at where prints can also be purchased.



On the same evening, looking out over the bay.



One more from that shoot, looking along Boyeeghter Strand.  The hills I’d come over, Crocknasleigh and Melmore Hill, are also in the shot.  They aren’t big hills, but incredibly steep in places, and there was no way I was going to risk those steep climbs in the dark, so I was faced with a long detour by road to get back to my car.  Despite having just met me, Jackie extremely kindly, offered me a lift back to my starting point.  I was very grateful as I’d had a long day’s tough walking, here and elsewhere, and another long trek in the dark was the last thing I wanted to do.  Thanks Jackie!



A final shot from just a few days ago.  Another photo taken after the sun had dipped below the horizon, this time of the Elephant Rock sea stack near Ballintoy in Co Antrim.  The area is now well known as the filming location for the Iron Islands and other places in Game of Thrones, although I don’t think the Elephant Rock has featured on the programme.  Hello to Kenneth and Paul, two fellow photographers I enjoyed meeting here.


Just a wee sample of some the recent places I’ve been to and enjoyed photographing.  Hopefully, I’ll get round to doing a post on each of these days out at some point.



18 thoughts on “Some Recent Shots

  1. Aidy, you’re not going to believe this!! I’m that photo at The Murder Hole Beach!! I was down that same evening when the whole place lit up red. Have a look at your photo and you’ll see two lads sitting on the ridge, left off the centre. I’m 99% sure that’s us from the same evening!

      1. That’s absolutely amazing Proinsias! That’s me in the video alright – it would have been 26 March. I actually saw you and pointed out the drone to Jackie, the other photographer there. Stunning video by the way! We left shortly after that – pity I didn’t bump into you. I wouldn’t bet against us crossing paths somewhere in Donegal again 🙂

  2. Excellent shots Aidy. I like the Urris ones as I’ve done a hike there and recognise the views. Knockalla looks class too and well worth exploring. Love the sunset ones from Rosguill. Light is fantastic and that’s a great perspective on Horn Head. You’re making me want to head to Donegal. I like this ‘medley’ of photos concept! Agree it can be overwhelming as it takes time to put it all together.

    1. Thanks Martin. There is just an endless amount of great walking in Donegal – you’d really love Knockalla. I think I might do more short posts, or individual shots now, as well as the longer stories. Why put ourselves under pressure for a blog that’s only a bit of craic. I can still do the trip and hike stories as time allows. See Proinsias comments for an amazing coincidence – I’ve linked his aerial videos before. Cheers again for the generous comments!

      1. No probs Aidy, love those Murder Hole images. That is some coincidence alright with Proinsias! His video is stunning, I really like his style. A refreshing take on drone work.

        I have been trying to keep the posts shorter, in my case partly because I suspect not many people are reading 🙄 I do think most people skim read, especially when the subject matter isn’t familiar. I do enjoy reading your longer route descriptions though so a mix could work well. Sometimes I might only take one or two (decent) shots on a hike so I can see the appeal of doing a post with a number of trips included.

      2. Its hard to know. I think if I have 2 or 3 shots I’m really happy with, that’s ok, and the rest have a different purpose – just to give a sense of the place. Record shots I suppose, which have their place. Wouldn’t worry much about reader numbers – I’m a niche market 🙂

      3. Nothing wrong with being niche, means people sharing your niche will really appreciate your work (if they can find you)! Know what you mean about giving a good sense of each hike/location, I like to do the same. People appreciating it is a bonus but the main thing is it’s a personal outlet.

    1. Thanks Cybele. Its hard to keep up with everything on wordpress – better to be out yourself with your camera 🙂 You’ll be back in Ireland some day I’d say!

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