12 comments on “Croaghmuckros

  1. Everything in your photographs seems so three-dimensional and super saturated in colour that I feel that I have virtually walked into the scenes and joined you and your two companions on that lovely walk.

    • Thank you Jessica – its great to think that the photos can work in that way, at least some of the time or for some people. These places are always better in reality, but its satisfying to try to get some of their splendour across.

  2. That was a great walk with some dramatic photos – you were very lucky with the weather 🙂 My local hills rise up pretty much from sea level and it doesn’t half make a difference. You get a good climb and great views and the walks can be as short or as long as you like.

  3. Great photos and description, another one of these countless little gems of hills that Donegal has to offer. And good timing indeed !!

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