The Palm House, Botanic Gardens, Belfast: Photo Set 1


The Palm House on a sunny Summer day.


I was in Belfast a few days ago, and as I was early for a meeting I decided to pass the time by taking a walk through the Palm House in Botanic Gardens.  When I was picking out a few of the photos for this post I also dug out the shot above, taken on a beautiful day in August, back in 2010, to show the exterior.  The Palm House is a striking building, built in 1839, and was an innovative structure in its day.  It was designed by Charles Lanyon, and built by Richard Turner.  Turner later went on to build similar, well known glasshouses in Dublin’s Botanic Gardens, and Kew Gardens in London.


On this latest visit, it was a duller day, so I concentrated on the interior, and this selection is mainly comprised of detail shots of the plants, although I did find one unexpected shot in there.  The tropical plants make for fantastic photographic subjects, and there were other points of interest too, so I’ll probably do a few more posts to follow.
















And that unexpected shot…




Another visitor, this robin seemed just as interested in looking curiously at me as I was at him!

Well worth a visit, although you’ll probably need a lens cloth to clean your steamed up lens until it acclimatises.


8 thoughts on “The Palm House, Botanic Gardens, Belfast: Photo Set 1

  1. Lovely pictures of the plants. I love visiting these large greenhouses. – so many unusual things to see, bright colours, patterns and shapes. I look forward to seeing more of your photographs from the Palm House.

    1. Thanks Jessica. I remember some wonderful plant close-ups and abstract shots from your posts. I agree – they are a fantastic treasure trove of exotic plants, almost made for photographers.

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