11 comments on “A Few Days In Dublin

  1. Great Dublin pics, Aidy. Hard to believe they were taken in February! I especially like the colourful shot at Dublin Castle and the Ha’penny Bridge at night. Looks like you fitted a lot in.

    Many thanks for the mention and recommendation. It was great to meet you and get a chat about the mountains and blogging! I really enjoyed the evening too. Was weird seeing people whose usernames you’d known for years! I wasn’t talking to Gareth but had a good chat with Paul, I loved The Height of Nonsense so it was fantastic to meet him. Will have to get his recent book. Yes, great to see such a strong Tyrone representation! Anyway, it’d be good to meet up again out on the hills some time, there are a few west Tyrone ones I want to do and of course the Bluestacks.

    • Cheers Martin, great night wasn’t it. Pleasure to meet you, and Paul and Gareth. We had unbelievable luck with the weather, and took advantage with a lot of walking around the city. Managed to get up the non-Mv Montpelier Hill to see the Hellfire Club, so should have a quick post on that soon, although the weather was a bit murky up there. Suited the location though! We’ll definitely have to cross paths again.

  2. Beautiful Pictures. Specially the bridge with lights. Dublin is really beautiful i must say. Appreciate your work and efforts.

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