Early Morning In The Sperrins



I had a great day’s hill walking in the Sperrin Mountains today after setting off early to get there in frost and fog.  I was eager to arrive and get on foot in the mountains, but couldn’t resist stopping briefly before reaching my start point to get a shot of the fog before it was burned off by the rising sun.




A nice way to start the day before even taking a step!


4 thoughts on “Early Morning In The Sperrins

  1. Love the golden light on Dart and Sawel, Aidy. Great contrast with the fog. Looking forward to hearing about the hike.

    Excellent piece and pics in the MV Annual by the way. Well done. The plane wreckage looks like a great find. Will have to follow your route. There were a few nice pieces, I liked the one by the man who cycled and hiked the Sperrins, great photo of the Glenelly Valley.

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