A Couple Of Iconic Donegal Mountains

The weather forecast for today was for a cold, frosty start, but turning quickly to persistent, heavy rain early in the day.  Anticipating the rain, I decided to forgo the hill walking and instead take a drive to Dunlewey Lough where I was hoping to get still waters and maybe some ice to reflect a sunrise over Mount Errigal.  Conditions weren’t as good as I hoped, with it not being cold enough to freeze even the edges of the lough, and there being enough breeze to ripple the waters.  There was some colour in the sky, so I got an image I was reasonably happy with, even if it didn’t match my expectations.



Sunrise behind Mount Errigal from the causeway across Dunlewey Lough.


As it turned out, on the way there, I got what I think is a better shot of another nearby iconic Donegal Mountain – Muckish.



The pinkish tones in the sky over Muckish tempted me to stop for this photo on the way to Errigal.


I took several more images in nearby locations, still to process and post.  While stopped at one of the viewing points overlooking Dunlewey, I met an interesting Donegal man, Proinsias Carr, who was preparing to launch a drone.  It turns out Proinsias posts photos and videos taken from the drone on his facebook page:


His still images are stunning, having all the elements that make a great photo in any circumstances, particularly the composition and light, with the added advantage of a different perspective.  Its well worth clicking the link above and visiting his page.  I’ll definitely be a repeat visitor.



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