A Brilliant Day Out


Close to the summit on Meenseefin.


A small sample of images from yesterday when I had a really enjoyable day hillwalking in Co. Donegal.  The website for hill walkers in Ireland, mountainviews.ie has several lists for members to log climbs as they work towards completion.  One of them, the Local 100 is individually tailored to each member and comprises the 100 mountains and hills nearest their home location.  Yesterday saw the completion of my own local 100 as I reached the summit of my last hill, Meenseefin in south Donegal.  It was a great walk in beautiful surroundings and hazy sunshine, and I’ll do a more detailed post when the photos are done.



Looking over Lough Natragh from near the summit.







I was already content with the satisfaction of completing my local 100 list, and it was an added bonus to have a sunset to photograph on the drive home.  My route took me through Pettigoe into Co. Fermanagh, and as it looked like the sunset might be something special, I took a short detour to the shore of Lough Erne just outside the village.  It was worth the diversion to enjoy the colour in the sky and reflections in the Lough and I lingered there for an hour or so as the sun slowly sank.










A great end to an already brilliant day!


8 thoughts on “A Brilliant Day Out

  1. Congratulations on completing your local 100. Through your wonderful photo diaries I feel as if I have been walking along with you – but without the aching muscles.

    1. Thanks Jessica! Its been a great experience, and I probably wouldn’t have visited many of the summits if it weren’t for the list. I might do a post on it at some point 🙂

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