Mountcharles Pier


One of my favourite shots from 2016.


Just before Christmas I was in Donegal Town on what had been a grey, overcast day.  The clouds began to part right before sunset, and luckily I had taken the camera with me just in case, so I headed for Mountcharles Pier to see what I could get.  The shot above ended up as one of my favourites of the year – My Best Photos Of 2016.  I’ve finally got round to processing some more from that evening when I lingered to try different views and compositions as the light turned from golden yellow to red and purple.



Near the pier, looking northeast along Donegal Bay, with the Bluestack Mountains on the horizon.



Taken on the pier, again looking towards the Bluestacks.



Mountcharles Pier.



Looking out to the Atlantic as the sun drops.



On a tiny beach just beside the pier.



More reds and purples as the sun gets lower.  You can just see Benbulben Mountain on the horizon on the left of the frame.









A final shot with the pier catching the last of the sun.


It was  a real treat to be in such a location for a great sunrise, and all the better for being unexpected!




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