Stormy On Carnaween


A superbly constructed little box near the summit of Carnaween.  It contains a visitors book that it has astonishingly kept dry through all the weather this place experiences.  Sunlight is breaking through passing storms in the background.


A few photos from a walk yesterday on Carnaween in the Bluestack Mountains.  It was really stormy throughout, but if conditions weren’t ideal for walking, they did create some dramatic light.  A full post will follow at some point when I get a chance to edit the photos.








8 thoughts on “Stormy On Carnaween

  1. Love the top image, Aidy. The light and the cross/box. There’s something reassuring about that little safe space near a mountain top. Must check out this hill. Nice sense of scale in the last image too with the tiny turbines in the distance.

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