A Taste Of Winter


Hoar frost on the trees, against a blue sky.


Just before Christmas I did a couple of posts on a frosty, foggy, late November day in the Castle Park in Castlederg.  On the same day, I was on a couple of roads leading north out of the town, rising as they did, on to higher ground.  At a certain point, the fog stopped on the sides of the valley, and it was possible to move a few metres downhill back into thick fog, or a few metres uphill and be under blue skies, with hoar frost shining in the sun.  There was a great variety of shots to be had by moving just a little in either direction these are a few of the first ones processed from a happy couple of hours.



Backlit fog and skeletal trees.



Hawthorn leaves catching the light on a frozen tree.



Winter in the hedgerows.



Patterns in an icy puddle.



A minimalist image created by a lone tree, isolated by the fog.  Some trees are just photogenic.



8 thoughts on “A Taste Of Winter

  1. What a wonderful morning. All the photographs are lovely but the one with the hawthorn leaves, the ice puddle patterns, and the lonely tree, stand out as extra special for me.

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