13 comments on “Last Shot From 2016

  1. It is a lovely image. If you had not said what it was, it could have been mistaken for low mist in valley bottoms with the peaks of mountains standing proud.
    Thank you for sharing your walks, adventures, and photographs in 2016.
    Happy New Year.

    • Thanks Martin. Have a great new year, and keep the posts coming! Did you know mountainviews are looking for articles for their annual pdf magazine on members’ walks of the year etc? It would be right up your alley with both photos and writing.

      • Yeah I used to post a lot of rambling comments on obscure hills! I think I messaged you about one of your comments once, remember seeing you had a blog but I wasnt on WP myself then.

      • I do remember that now! I have been caught out by not noticing I had messages on MV for ages after they were sent – hope I replied to any you sent! Almost certain I followed some of your route descriptions, particularly on small hills – I’ve found they are far more awkward to access.

      • Same here, I think someone asked me a question once and I only saw it weeks later after they did the hike! Pretty sure you got back to me ok so not to worry lol. Glad to hear someone read those comments, it’s definitely a great site for planning routes.

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