8 comments on “The Coomloughra Horseshoe: Beenkeragh

  1. This was some journey! It is great to learn first hand of the challenges and the emotions inspired by the mountains; the strategies and the excitement of progress; plus a sense of your personal achievement step by step.

    • Thanks Jessica. This walk took two attempts and its a long way from home. That, and it being such a great route meant I took a lot of photos, hence the epic post! 🙂

  2. Great post and pics, Aidy. The ridge looks fantastic, must have been some sight when the cloud cleared. Not sure if I could face it, certainly in strong wind, but good to know you can stay below the top. Great views on the way up Beenkeeragh too.

    • Cheers Martin. Its a fantastic walk, but the real tricky bit is after the Bones Peak, heading for Carrauntoohil, so that’s when I had to really make a decision on the wind. Right up to the Bones, there were always options, and although care was needed in places, it was easily manageable. Mightn’t be the best for somebodies first hill walk, but for someone like you it would be no problem.

      • Maybe I will give it a go some time then. I’ve yet to do the One Man’s Pass on Slieve League either, maybe I’ll start with that! Looking forward to reading the next installment.

  3. Slieve League was probably worse! It was fine apart from one short bit, about 20 metres long. It can be by-passed if you want, and we missed it on the way up, but did it on the way down – I thought it was pretty bad – wouldn’t do that section again.

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