Looking along Lough Swilly from the summit.


My final small Donegal hill of the day, after Brown Mountain and Edenacarnan, was Knockbrin.  The days were short now, and I’d really left it too late, especially as my planned route had a big “Private Property” sign forbidding access.  I ended up scrambling through dense trees and thick undergrowth composed mainly of ripping gorse and brambles, cutting through a shooting range,  more pushing through tangled undergrowth, and finally, up the open hillside through deep heather and tussocky grass.  It was hard going until near the top where I came upon the track that I had originally planned to follow from the start.  Only the fact that Knockbrin is a very small hill, at 259 metres allowed me to reach the summit before dark.  As it was, the sun had already set below the horizon and only the reflected light from the sky made grabbing a few shots possible.













That was it for the day.  Time to wade through the heather, and then the thick undergrowth again, in near darkness.  As always though, any difficulties are soon forgotten when the walk is done, or at least looked back on with a sense of satisfaction, and you’re always glad you came out.


4 thoughts on “Knockbrin

    1. It cost me a few scratches that one Martin. Often more awkward finding a route than on the bigger mountains. I’ll soon be done with the local 100 and then I can pick and choose which smaller hills to do or not.

    1. I was happy they came out OK Jessica as I was really rushing to get down through the difficult ground before it got completely dark. Difficult hill for all the size of it!

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