Tollymore Forest Park Part 2


Approaching the entrance and the Barbican Gate, from 1780.


I spent most of my day in Tollymore Forest Park along the River Trail, and I have a lot left to explore on future visits hopefully.  I did pass through some other parts of the park on my way in and out however, including many intersting structures.  In the short October days, it was fairly dark as I arrived and left, and I definitely got the best light while in the forest, but hopefully this selection will give an idea of some of the sights to be seen outside the wooded area.



Inside the park, looking back at the Barbican Gate.



The car was parked up now, and I was ready to start walking, stopping for this wide view towards the obelisk and the Mournes.






A handy pointer to some of the surrounding landscape features.






Approaching Horn Bridge, built around 1780.




On the way out of the park again, later in the day, and the best of the light had passed, darkness was approaching, but I took a few shots anyway.



On the path back up towards Horn Bridge.






Back at Horn Bridge.









The Lion’s Mouth Fountain, dating from 1810.



Intricate detail on the Lion’s Mouth Fountain.


Back in the car, as I made my way towards the exit, I made another stop for a remarkable building.  The Clanbrassil Barn, (yes – a barn!), was built in 1757, and although it was always intended to be a barn, it was deliberately built to look like a church.  It continued to be used as a stable and storehouse right up to 1971.  Must be one of the most elaborate barns ever built!



View of the Clanbrassil Barn from the rear.



The front end of the Clanbrassil Barn, with the Mournes in the distance.  I was pleased to get a last glimmer of light to bring out some of the Autumn colour before I left.






Leaving via the attractive Bryansford Gate, built in 1786.



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