Lough Tay Panorama



Well, I’ve had a long break from wordpress, but I’ve still been taking photographs and exploring the country, so I’ve got a substantial backlog to chose from now for new posts.  I’ll probably skip to the more recent ones initially as I might as well post the Autumn shots while they’re still relevant to the season.  I thought I’d start with this photo from Wicklow though, taken during the summer.  Its a panorama, stitched together from several images – one of the first I’ve done.

Lough Tay is an iconic location, even more so now, as its being used as one of the main locations for filming on the television series “Vikings”.  We saw evidence of the series a few times (more of that in future posts) and it inspired me to start watching when we got home.  I’m hooked now – I don’t watch much tv, and its a great substitute for the other series I’m hooked on, Game of Thrones.  I think I have a few locations from that too in upcoming posts.

Looking forward to getting back to posting now that the batteries have been recharged!


9 thoughts on “Lough Tay Panorama

  1. so glad you are back with your gorgeous images and views of the magical isle. As you know there is both Scots and Irish on Mom’s side. I’m asked which country I like best and I always have to say, the one I’m in at the moment! I love the lore, the history and scenery. Like you I got hooked on the Vikings. I saw where it was filmed too. That lake or lough is also called Guinness lake too isn’t it?

    1. Hi Cybele – thanks for the kind comment. A diplomatic approach to Ireland/Scotland! Looking forward to Vikings starting again this month. The lough is indeed called the Guinness lake as it is on the Guinness family estate, and some say the black water, with the white beach at the top, looks like a pint of guinness too.

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