Dun Briste



We were staying in Easkey in Co. Sligo for a couple of days, and late one evening, took the trip to Downpatrick Head in Co Mayo to see the Dun Briste sea stack.  The stack is an impressive sight, at 50 meters high, and even the bad weather couldn’t spoil it.  The gloom and rain did look like it would stop me getting a photo, but just as we left, a small chink appeared in the clouds, and a small patch of sunlight appeared on the surface of the sea.  I rushed back to the cliff edge and got the camera ready, until luckily, the light moved right across the stack, illuminating it long enough for a shot, lit up in isolation against grey sea and sky.



5 thoughts on “Dun Briste

    1. Cheers John. Had a bit a break there, but should be back regular now again. I’m just back from a week in West Cork and can’t wait to get posting from that trip – should be some familiar places for you. Beautiful area.

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