Croaghaun: Clouds Parting At The Summit


The cloud ceiling rises enough to give a view down on Saddle Head.


I had come up to the summit of Croaghaun on Achill Island from Keem beach, and although the views had been good on the way up, just as I was reaching Croaghaun SW Top, the mountain had been enveloped in low cloud, erasing all views.  It remained the same as I continued on to Croaghaun proper.  I had given up hope of getting any views, but as I wandered on past the summit, the situation changed.  Almost instantly, a faint hint of blue from the sea below appeared, and quickly, everything seemed to just snap into view.  I’d had some great views to the south on the way up until the cloud came in, but everything to the east, north and west had been hidden by the mountain itself.  Now on the summit, I was getting new views.  Croaghaun SW Top, with its dramatic drops on the northern side became visible, with Achill Head beyond.  To the north, just below, Saddle Head jutted out from the base of the mountain, and further north were the Mullet Peninsula with the islands that lay off-shore.  It felt like I was being rewarded for taking the trek up.



Initially gloomy, but the faint appearance of surf far below, was the first hint that things would clear.




I was a little beyond the summit of Croaghaun here, and just past its shoulder, Croaghaun SW Top makes an appearance, with steep drops on its northern side, and behind it, Achill Head also becomes visible.



A steep fall to the sea on the northern side.






The Mullet Peninsula just appearing beneath the cloud.






Saddle Head.
























Although I was getting some views, things were still changing fast, parts of the landscape disappearing as quickly as they appeared.


The weather was very changeable, and the views looked like they could be fleeting as more cloud swirled around the top of the mountain, alternating between revealing and obscuring the landscape.  But, I was content to have seen the sights I did as I moved back over the summit of Croaghaun and started on my way back down towards my starting point at Keem beach.



Looking back up at the summit of Croaghaun as I started back down the mountain.


The walk back down in my next post.

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