Coast Road To Keem Beach



One of the great views on Achill Island is from the coast road from Keel to Keem beach.  The road hugs the coastline, with steep drops on the seaward side, and a hillside rising above on the landward.  There are stunning views to be had, particularly down on Keem beach from high above.  I was driving along the road after climbing Slievemore, on my way to climb Croaghaun, when the weather showed off the beach at its summery best.  I had to make a couple of stops along the way and attempted to capture the amazing seascapes.






The road cutting into the hill behind me.






A yacht in the bay far below.






Closer to the beach here.




I was out at Keem beach several times during the week we spent on Achill, but this was the best time as far as photograpy went due to the sunshine and blue/green seas.



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