Keel Beach


On Keel Beach, looking over at Minaun with its sea cliffs.


After visiting the megalithic tomb and the deserted village at the base of Slievemore, we headed for Keel in search of food, but before our dinner of fish and chips eaten in the car with the view in front of us, we took a walk on the beach.  I had been drawn by the view down on the beach in the distance, earlier in the day from the modest height we had gained on the lower slopes of Slievemore.  We got a closer look at the beach now, and the cliffs on the seaward side of Minaun also closer.  The late evening light was breaking through in patches giving a constantly changing scene under fantastic, cloudy skies.



The wind and big waves were attracting some hardy people into the water.












More water sports in rough seas, with Inishgallon catching some sun in the background.



Sand being blown across the surface of the beach.



We were getting patches of sunlight between heavy showers of rain and hail now.












A look behind us at a novel surf school.



A last look out to sea and Inishgallon.

It was time to get those fish and chips, and it wasn’t a bad view to have through our windscreen as we ate.


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