Hitting The Storage Limit


Looking over Altan Lough to Mackoght and Errigal, from Aghla More – one of many walks I’d like to cover in future, so room must be made!


Before I continue with my regular posts, currently focusing on a week long stay on Achill Island in summer 2015, I’d like to mention a hard decision I’ve had to make on the content of the blog.  I am using the free version of wordpress, and after almost 2 and a half years, I’ve finally hit the 3Gb storage limit.  I really can’t justify the cost of paying for an upgrade at present, as I’m an amateur photographer, with other commitments, and light traffic to the site.  I enjoy doing the blog however, and want to continue, so I’ve decided I’ll have to start removing older posts to make way for the new.  Like most bloggers, I put a fair bit of effort into the site, so I’m happy that to find that I can download the deleted posts as PDF files first.  This means that if circumstances change, and I do upgrade at some point, I can easily put those posts back up again.  In the meantime, it will be goodbye to some of them.



2 thoughts on “Hitting The Storage Limit

  1. That’s interesting, Aidy. I didn’t know you could download as PDF files. I’ll have to look into that. I have been concerned that I had no “back-up” copies of all the posts I’ve made.

    1. I only looked into it because of the limit Jessica. If you use chrome as the browser, you can press control and P I think, to print, but then choose save to PDF instead. Probably best to open each post individually.

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