Achill Island Arrival


Golden Strand near Dugort.


My last post was from the village of Tullaghan in Co Leitrim, and I mentioned then that the photos were taken as we passed through on our way to our summer holiday location.  This year, we were heading for a week on Achill Island, which lies off the coast in Co Mayo – so close that is linked to the mainland by a bridge.  We arrived in the late afternoon as its a fairly long drive from home, and by the time we found and got checked in to our accommodation, there wasn’t much time for photography, especially as we still had to find somewhere for dinner too.  Even so, we couldn’t resist taking a quick drive round some of the island to get our bearings and explore a little.  It was an overcast day, and I knew the whole week lay ahead, so I didn’t take as many photos as I normally might, but I was already enchanted by the island, and the camera did come out occasionally.  We were staying near the village of Dugort, and my first shot was on Golden Strand, above.  Next stop was Keem beach.



Arriving at Keem beach, looking back at the steep slope below the road in.



Down on the beach.



A bridge behind the beach.






Little streams coming down on to the beach carried particles of peat which mixed with the sand to create interesting patterns.






Moving back up to the road above the beach.




Next we made a quick stop at Keel beach as we went in search of a place to eat.



Looking over to Minaun mountain with its sea cliffs.



Inishgallon Island, just off Keel beach.






The amusements behind Keel beach, with Slievemore in the background.



At Achill Sound, looking across to the mainland.


As we made our way back to our apartment for the night, we made one more detour along a narrow road beside the sea, at the foot of Slievemore Mountain, just to see where it went.  It came to a dead end shortly after, at a pier, and I took a few last shots in the failing light.










I could already see that I was going to love Achill, and we would be back at many of these spots, and many more, over the coming week.



2 thoughts on “Achill Island Arrival

    1. Be careful Jessica – the story goes that the artist Paul Henry went for a holiday in 1910, but as soon as he saw the scenery, he tore up his return train ticket and stayed for 10 years!

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