Day Out In Donegal – Ramelton


The bridge over the River Lennon.


The last post from a series I’ve been doing on a single day out in Donegal.  Most of the day was spent around the Rosguill Peninsula, but as I made my way home, I made a quick stop in the town of Ramelton, located at the mouth of the River Lennon where it joins the sea lough, Lough Swilly.  My idea was to get some shots of the historic buildings around the quay, but there was a festival on, and the throngs of people meant I had to leave that idea for another day.  I did visit a few spots away from the centre of the town however.  I also have a few older shots, taken years ago on point and shoot cameras, which I’ll include too.



This was the only shot I managed to get along the quay due to the crowds.  I would also have to get a photo from the other side of the river looking across to the historic buildings, and some of the other picturesque buildings in the town, but I’ll have to go back another day.



The first of those older shots I mentioned, looking along the River Lennon.



Synchronised swans!


The town used to be an important port, and I didn’t get any shots this time of the surviving buildings from that era, but again, here are some older shots, taken on a very basic camera years ago.









Football Special – a famous locally made soft drink.



Detail from a pub wall.


Back now to the rest of the photos taken on this particular visit.  As I headed out of the town towards Letterkenny, I stopped again beside a couple of churches, and the ruins of an older church.  First I took a couple of photos of the churches still in use.







Then I concentrated on the older, ruined church.
















As I left the town, I had one final stop – a piece of public art that I didn’t previously know about.  A celebration of the Irish love of tea maybe, that I just had to stop for.










I’d had a great day visiting some stunning and interesting parts of Donegal, and what better way to finish than with a giant cup of tea?




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