Day Out In Donegal – Leaving Rosguill Peninsula


View towards Downings or Downies.


Finally leaving the Rosguill Peninsula, heading in the general direction of home, there was still time for a few more shots as I passed through some of the same areas that I covered in the earlier posts from the day.



At the narrow point of Sheephaven Bay looking over to Doe castle.



Zoomed in a little more on Doe Castle.



The bridge over the Lackagh River as it empties into Sheephaven Bay.



Another view across to Doe Castle.







This is my 8th post from just one day out is a compact area of Donegal, and I’ve posted before on completely different sights to be seen in the same vicinity.  Which again illustrates a point I’ve often made about what a paradise Donegal is for lovers of photography, landscapes, nature or antiquities.  And, I may have been leaving the Rosguill Peninsula, but I still had a way to go to get home, and I would make one more stop before leaving Donegal, in the small town of Ramelton, so one more post to go from this same day.




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