Day Out In Donegal – Mevagh Graveyard


The old church ruins and graveyard.


After coming down from Ganiamore Hill, I noticed a sign for Mevagh Graveyard pointing down a narrow lane.  Curiosity got the better of me and I followed the lane down the short distance to the shore of Mulroy Bay, where there was a tumbled down church and graveyard.



The lane which had taken me down to the graveyard, with Ganiamore Hill in the background.


Clambering up on to a large rock gave me a good vantage point initially to look down on the site.






The church ruins and graveyard on the shore of Mulroy Bay.




Climbing down again, I wandered in around the ruins for a closer look.
















Among the most interesting things to be seen were the old weathered crosses.






This one was completely covered in white lichen on one side.


Most interesting of all was one particularly ancient and primitive looking cross.







Its amazing how many points of interest you can find in one little corner of Donegal, on a day when I hadn’t expected to even get out of the car due to earlier bad weather.


2 thoughts on “Day Out In Donegal – Mevagh Graveyard

  1. A beautiful and atmospheric place. The wooden crosses are interesting and perhaps indicate that they are more recent additions to the cemetery. In fact, looking at the pictures again, it seem that despite the obvious decrepitude of the ancient church and walls, the graveyard has been in relatively recent use. Fascinating.

    1. Definitely still in use Jessica, and would you believe only the first cross is wooden – the one in the last two photos is actually very weathered stone. It looks amazing with great texture up close.

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