Day Out In Donegal – Around Doe Castle


Looking upstream along the Dunfally River near Doe Castle.


As I made my way in and out of Doe Castle from my previous post, the weather was dry enough to get a few shots of the surrounding area, with blue skies in some directions and the more threatening dark clouds in others.



Looking along the Lackagh River from the bridge where it meets Sheephaven Bay.



The Lackagh River emptying into Sheephaven Bay.



The road crossing the Dunfally River on the way in to Doe Castle.




Blue skies as I looked upstream along the Dunfally River.



More threatening skies on the other side of the road where the Dunfally River flows into Sheephaven Bay.




Moving northeast, there was a lay by on the eastern shore of Sheephaven Bay, where there were views across the bay to Doe Castle.



Looking across Sheephaven Bay to Doe Castle on the far shore.






From the same spot, looking towards the bridge over the Lackagh River.

Taking advantage of the improvement in the weather, next I headed for Carrigart.


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