3 comments on “Day Out In Donegal – Doe Castle

  1. You might need cheering up.

    The speaker I received on Friday. I hate to say it,but,it was bricked by the previous eejit who had it. Flashing amber & blue light constantly,service centre repair required. Awk. I was wile upset. I started the returns process with our friends @ Amazon. However,I really loved the quality & feel of the item that I wanted another one. It was £127 for the used Amazon warehouse one,however,the new White one was £139. So,I bought a new one. Arriving Tuesday all being equal. Jesus it’s solid.

    Also,I have about 9 HDMI cables so i have one here for you.

    @ work here. Overtime, to pay for speakers & cars you understand.

    • Its a strange looking castle alright, but despite its looks, it was genuinely built for defense, and did see some action I believe. Definitely an interesting place to visit Jessica.

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