4 comments on “Rocks On Buncrana Beach

    • I found it hard to find specific information on that area rather than Inishowen as a whole Jessica. Would you say they are sedimentary sandstone or mudstone? That is about as much as i’d be prepared to guess, and not confident about that much even!

      • I can’t tell just by looking at the photographs but I have just ordered a geology map for the area and hope that it will provide enough clues to understand what is going on. I also found some information on the internet mentioning that in the Buncrana area some of the underlying bedrock includes the Fahan slate formation which does not seem to account for the rocks in your pictures. There is also a narrow band of Culdaff limestone in the presumably nearby Mill River valley – and the Buncrana stratified rocks look more like sedimentary limestone to me. The geology of the area in general formed during the Lower Carboniferous Period. I’ll let you know if I find out anything else.

  1. Thanks Jessica. I got the impression it might be too localised to easily find information. Culdaff is on the other side of the Inishowen Peninsula which is about 20 or 30 miles as the crow flies, with some mountainous terrain in between. Fahan is closer, but might not be related geologically as you say.

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