Wet And Windy In Fanad



There is a bit of a tendency amongst landscape photographers to always want a certain type of light, either the golden hour before sunset and after sunrise, or the blue hour before sunrise and after sunset, and some photographers would rarely even take their camera out of the bag at other times of the day, or in other types of light.  I feel that, if you love walking through and being out in the landscape, you enjoy it in all its moods and at different times, in various light conditions and all types of weather.  You can still see the beauty in the landscape regardless, and if you appreciate that beauty at all times, it is surely worth trying to capture it.  We get some brilliant light in Ireland, but we have a lot of wet, overcast days too, and to ignore it, would be to misrepresent things, and give a false impression of what it is like being outdoors here on many days.  And that type of light has its qualities too, bringing out diferent colours and textures in the landscape.  So when we got a wet, windy day in Fanad, we still enjoyed being out and about, and I was determined to try at least to capture what was great about it, even on such a day.





































You wouldn’t want this type of weather all the time, but its a big part of the experience of being in Ireland, so we might as well make the best of it.


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