The Great Pollet Sea Arch


The Great Pollet Sea Arch.


I’d spent so much of the day being distracted by climbing Murren Hill and walking along the cliffs nearby, that by the time I got to the Great Pollet Sea Arch, the best of the light had gone, and it was overcast and grey.  Even so, it was an impressive sight, and I put on a polariser and ND filter to get some long exposures.  I spent a happy half an hour taking shots and exploring the arch, the stony beach and the rocky shore.



Walking down to the little stony beach.































The clouds were really building from the west now, and it was getting very dark and gloomy.  It seemed like a downpour was on the way, so I retreated to the car, taking a last shot looking down on the beach from above.




I was just in time – minutes after leaving in the car, torrential rain began, so heavy that I had to slow to a crawl as the wipers couldn’t clear the water from the windscreen quickly enough.  I felt extremely lucky that it had held off for almost the entire day as I explored Fanad.  I stopped the car along the shore beside Mulroy Bay on the opposite side of the peninsula for a final photo to show the encroaching darkness.




I wasn’t bothered now, after the great day I’d had.




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