Magherclogher Beach And Along The Coast


Magherclogher beach and the Bad Eddie shipwreck.


We were visiting Gweedore in Donegal at the start of May, and had a walk on Magherclogher beach despite the black skies and extremely strong wind.  We considered ourselves lucky to have a break in the persistent rain.  One of the notable landmarks is the shipwreck known as Bad Eddie.  The name sounds intriguing, suggesting a great story, but is actually Irish for Eddie’s Boat, and its proper name is Cara Na Mara, or Friend of the Sea.  When the tide is out, it is possible to walk around it, and it makes for a great photographic subject, but again, luck was against us, and the tide was well in when we were there.  I had to content myself with looking from afar on this occasion.







The beach is well sheltered from the full force of the Atlantic by peninsula and islands, so the water was a lot calmer than the winds we were experiencing would suggest.  When we took a walk up on to the slightly higher ground behind the beach we got the full force of it.  It was worth it though to get the views of the grey/green sea – an almost weird colour under the brooding sky.































A short walk, and then back along the beach, usually having to shield our eyes from wind driven sand.







We went a little way northwards on our route home, but the rain restarted and there wasn’t much photography.  Just time for a couple of shots from the high road outside Bunbeg, looking down on the coastline and a patchwork of fields enclosed by dry stone walls.













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