East Inishowen




A sunny day in mid-April, and we set off for one of the few beaches in Donegal that we hadn’t been to yet, Kinnagoe Bay.  Getting there involved a drive up the eastern side of Inishowen first, with views across Lough Foyle, past its narrow neck where it meets the sea, and beyond.  Our first stop was a brief pause at the castle ruins in Greencastle.







Just around the corner, we stopped again for a look at Stroove Beach and the lighthouse.











The road continued on to higher ground above the beach and there we found a track which could form the beginning of a hike along the coast.  We wouldn’t be taking it today, but there was a viewing point too with expansive views.



Views across to Binevenagh Mountain in County Derry from the track above Stroove.



The track as it continues round the coast.









The incredible thing about this view is that the land just visible on the horizon is in Scotland.



Rugged coastline to the north.



A little viewing platform, where aswell as Scotland, you can look along the north coast of Derry and Antrim to Rathlin Island in the distance.




Another view across to Binevenagh Mountain, Benone Strand and Magilligan.



A zoomed in view looking towards Scotland on the horizon.


Continuing again, we had one more pause as we continued to rise, for a look across the narrow opening to Lough Foyle, taking in Binevenagh, Benone Strand and Magilligan.




Next stop, Kinnagoe Bay.


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