Evening And Night In Killybegs


Late evening in Killybegs.


After a day touring the coast, taking in Kilcar, Malin Beg, Glencolmcille and Teelin, (see previous posts), we returned to Killybegs for the night.  We were staying in the Tara Hotel, and one of the great things about our room was that it had access to a balcony overlooking the harbour, and it was only a few seconds walk to get down to the harbour itself.  Before heading out for fish and chips, I took a shot from the balcony of the boats below just to show the view.




After eating, there were a few pints of guinness taken, and to walk it off, I took another stroll round the harbour as the sun set.



















A little later on, I took another walk down from the room to catch the boats lit up as darkness fell.













With the food and the guinness, we were feeling mellow now, and spent the rest of the evening sipping red wine on the balcony.  It was poignant watching cars arriving and dropping off one or two fishermen in the darkness, and then seeing them carrying their bags on to the boats.  Soon after, every hour or so, one of the boats would head off out of the harbour.  I don’t know how far they go, or how long they are out for, but sitting on the balcony, drinking wine, it struck us as a difficult, lonely, dangerous job, and we had to spare a thought for those who do it.



A last look at the fleet from the balcony before bed.  Not a bad view to end our day in Killybegs.



2 thoughts on “Evening And Night In Killybegs

  1. Sounds like a really fantastic evening. The excellent lighting effects and the rich colours you have captured reflect the deeping dusk and the mellowness of experience.

    1. All was well with the world Jessica as Bertie Wooster might have said. We’d seen some beautiful places that day, and were now sitting on a balcony, watching a sunset over another beautifl scene, sipping wine, feeling our aching muscles from long walks untensing. It doesn’t get much better!

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