Slieve League mountain on the far side of Teelin Harbour.


We had one night in Killybegs, and had spent the day of our arrival touring round the coast.  Our last stop before returning to Killybegs was Teelin, a little village and harbour, overlooked by Slieve League mountain.  We had been here before, when I was just getting interested in photography, and I had taken a few shots in moody weather on a beginner’s camera.







On this visit, we were getting better weather, with everything bathed in golden evening light.  The approach to the harbour along the Glen River, provided a few photographic opportunites along the way.



The Glen River.



A colourful boat which has seen better days.



Hard to say where the river becomes the sea.


Arriving at the pier at Teelin, the views were magnificent across the harbour to Slieve League, with the pier providing some colourful foreground interest.






A view in the opposite direction towards the mouth of the harbour and the Atlantic.


Teelin now seems a remote area, but it has been settled for thousands of years, and was one of the first places in Ireland to be named on ancient maps, once being an important harbour.  There is also some evidence that monks who settled here in the 5th century sailed as far as Iceland, something commemorated by the plaque below.



The inscription below the plaque, in Irish, English and Icelandic, reads, “In memory of the Teelin Monks who sailed to Iceland in the 5th century”.


While we were looking at the plaque, a woman was explaining to her companions that there are placenames in parts of Iceland which are almost identical to the names of townlands surrounding Teelin.  Townlands are an old Gaelic land division, nothing to do with towns, but actually describing the smallest land division in Ireland.  The story is not accepted by all historians, but there does seem to be some evidence for it, and it fits neatly with the legend of St Brendan discovering America too!



Along the pier.



A final look over to Slieve League.


Time to go back to Killybegs, and what else would you have in the home of Ireland’s biggest fishing fleet, but fish and chips.


6 thoughts on “Teelin

    1. Thanks Clare – I’m very grateful for that comment because that’s partly what I’m aiming for. Travel photography in my own country is bizarrely what I’m trying to do!

      1. Keep it up…it gives me a look at places I may not get too but also gives me inspiration for possible trips. Glencolumbcille is somewhere I’ve been meaning to go…nice to get a preview 😊

  1. I’m a big fan of your work Mr. McGlynn,although I don’t know how you can afford to stay in big fancy hotels all the time. So I can’t.

    1. I’m very thrifty otherwise though, as you well know. It means I can afford to subsidise cheap hotel deals for the likes of yourself. I don’t begrudge it though – sometimes a smile just looks very like a grimace.

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