Malin Beg And Trabane Strand



Still on the first day of our stay in Killybegs, where after booking in at the hotel, we were just driving around randomly taking in the sights.  After leaving Kilcar, we were heading in the general direction of Glencolmcille, when we saw a minor road branching off, signed for Malin Beg, and took a detour, as I’d never been there before.  It was on this road that we passed Lough Auva from my last post.  We soon arrived at Malin Beg and Trabane Strand, also sometimes known as Silver Strand.  I spend a lot of time exploring Donegal, but amazingly I’ve never been at this beach before, which was an unexpected treat.  On both sides, the beach is hemmed in by headlands with steep cliffs, extending out to sea, and is backed by steep grassy slopes, most easily descended by a concrete stairway.  It was a sunny afternoon when we were there, and the effect of being closed in on three sides turned the beach into a sort of sun trap, making it feel like a really warm summer day, rather than a reasonably pleasant day in early April.



First views of Trabane Strand from a parking area high above.  You can see the steps leading down to the beach on the bottom right.



From the same spot looking to the other end of the beach.






The beach is orientated east to west, with these cliffs at the eastern edge, including a waterfall.



Near the top of the steps, with a view of almost the entire strand.












The surrounding area also had some great views, here looking past an old lookout tower to Rathlin O’Birne Island, with its lighthouse.





After taking in the views from above, we ventured down the steps on to the beach itself.


















An arch in the headland, only visible from certain angles down on the beach.






Back up at the top, looking down the steps to the beach.



A last look at the wonderfully shaped headland and sea stack.


I love Donegal, and have explored it extensively, so it was great to find that there are still gems like this for me to discover for the first time.



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