6 comments on “Deep In The Bluestacks Part 2

    • Thanks John. Probably not always as remote as they look 🙂 but in this case it actually was. Very rarely meet anyone in the Bluestacks, only once that I can remember. In some other mountains you definitley would. Hard to explain why the Bluestacks don’t get more walkers, but that’s part of their charm too.

  1. What a place! How I would like to see it for myself. The only problem would be that I would be taking so many rock pictures that I would not get to the top in a day.

    • There would definitely be plenty to keep you happy there Jessica. It slows me down too, taking shots of the same view with different rocks as foreground!

    • Cheers Robbie. Brilliant walk in round there – there’s not many of us go in to that area. Hoping to get all the Bluestacks done at some point. Must get a chat to you about hillwalking the next time I bump into you.

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