Natural History Museum, Dublin


Irish Elk, or Giant Deer.


While we were in Dublin, we paid a quick visit to the Natural History Museum, which has a fascinating collection of specimens and models of fauna, native to Ireland, and also from around the world.  We managed to get round it all, but having a short time in Dublin, we spent far to little time here, and definitely intend to come back.  The most impressive specimens for me, were the skeletons of the Irish Elk.  These are also sometimes known as Giant Deer, as they were not exclusively found in Ireland, and were more closely related to modern red deer than elk.  They became extinct between 7 and 8000 years ago.  I took photos of only a small selection of the thousands of specimens in the museum.



Another impressive exhibit was this basking shark, several metres long.






If you’ve got it, flaunt it!



Huge humpback whale skeletons suspended from the ceiling.






















Definitely highly recommended if you’re in Dublin.


6 thoughts on “Natural History Museum, Dublin

  1. Funny, sad, and interesting, all at the same time. I have a soft spot for old-fashioned museum displays like this. My first proper job was working as the natural history curator in a museum.

    1. I read somewhere that it has been called a museum of a museum, all old-fashioned displays with nothing interactive or modern. But it was fascinating, and packed with visitors. Wonderful place.

    1. Fascinating place isn’t it Clare, and that’s a great name for it. If you get a chance to photograph a baboon’s butt, you’ve got to seize the chance!

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