4 comments on “Learmount Mountain And Learmount Mountain South Top

  1. Those peat hags look really tricky for walking. How are they formed? They look as if it is something to do with erosion, maybe in the same way that the wood of the fence post has also been stripped back.

    • There seems to be different opinions on what causes them Jessica, but one of the common theories is sheep farming. There are plenty of other opinions too though, and no definitive answer. They are annoying to walk through though – constantly trying to get up and down off them, with boggy bits in between. Some of them are up to about 2m high – hard on tired legs.

  2. Had seen these 2 on Mountainviews and on the map but they never excited me enough to make the effort. The views look great though, especially the perspective on Dart and Sawel. Great photos.

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