Another Trip To Ness Forest



I’ve posted on Ness Forest Park in Co. Derry before –

On that visit, I was just getting over a bad back and hadn’t got round it all, so I was happy to make another visit with the rest of the family in February, hoping this time to see the waterfall.  This time, we also went into the Visitors Centre, and I took some rare indoor shots for me, of some of the stuffed animals.







Then, it was off for a wander through the woods.










At the end of the track, we arrived again at the little cascades that I’d seen before, but still no sign of the waterfall.








On the way back we took a different track, along the other bank of the little river, and from high over the gorge we did see the waterfall this time.  Somehow it is difficult to spot from the other side.




By this time, everyone was getting hungry and I didn’t have time to get down to water level for a shot, but at least I know where it is now – might be yet another visit!  There was only time for a couple of photos at one of the small ponds on the way out.








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