Photograph of the Year

Just back from a briliant weekend in Dublin where I attended the annual get-together.  The night consisted of several guest speakers including Simon Byrne who I have mentioned before (see link below).  Also speaking was Helen Fairbairn, the author of 12 guidebooks, Peter Walker from MV, Tom Kelly from the Irish Times, Conor O’Hagan from Mountain World Ireland magazine, and MV founder Simon Stewart.  In addition to the fascinating talks, there was the annual awards ceremony where certificates were presented for completing any of the various MV lists or other achievements.  Several people had remarkable feats under their belts, but none more so than Simon Byrne who reached the summit of all the Vandeleur-Lynams and Arderins in Ireland in one year!.  You can read a bit more detail about Simon’s fantastic achievment in my previous blog post –

I can’t top Simon’s account of the night on his own blog at –

so I recommend visiting his site for a great description, and more articles on his adventures.

I was lucky enough to be presented with a certificate myself as MV had given me Photograph Of The Year for a shot taken on top of Mount Errigal in Donegal.  Getting an award from such a brilliant website was a very proud moment for me!

Afterwards, quite a few people met in the bar, and it was brilliant to get a chance to catch up with people I had met on Simon’s Mullaghcarn walk, including Simon himself, videographers Sharon and Martin (also in receipt of a well deserved award), and Mark (wicklore) and Dave (Onzy) from MV.  I happened to be sitting with Mark (wicklore) and Sharon, who produces videos with Martin, and they were hugely entertaining and fascinating.  I also got a chance to meet some others who’s names I was familiar with from MV including Brendan (madfrankie) and John (Jackill).  It was a privilege to finally meet Simon Stewart in person who has achieved something great with Mountainviews, and to get a chat with author Helen Fairbairn.  Another notable person I met was Jake MacManus ( who had the remarkable idea of producing DVDs showing his walks from the walkers point of view.  The films are designed to be watched on large screens while using a treadmill, making the exercise more pleasurable and giving the impression you are walking through the Irish countryside – a brilliant idea.  Jake extremely generously gave me one of his DVDs, and they are a pleasure to watch, whether on a treadmill or not!  It is not everday you get to meet such a bunch of fascinating people.  The collective knowledge on hillwalking and the Irish mountains on display was amazing, and they all had some great anecdotes to tell from walking in Ireland and further afield.  And what a creative group, with writers, videographers, bloggers and web designers, all filled with passion for the mountains.

All that on Friday night, and we still had Saturday to explore Dublin, and consume even more Guinness.  I’ll do a post on Dublin itself when the photos are edited, and in the meantime I’ll finish with the photo that won the award, and a few links for some of the remarkable people I met.

On top of Errigal, Co Donegal

On top of Errigal, Co Donegal

The Mountainviews website –

Simon Byrne’s website –

Helen Fairbairn –

Sharon and Martin on youtube –

Simon Byrne’s brother Philip on youtube –

Jake MacManus’ TrekIreland video production –

Mountain World Ireland magazine on facebook –

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