10 comments on “Bundoran Beach

    • Thanks Clare. The town itself seems to go through cycles of being run down and grotty, then getting a face lift in good times. I suppose all seaside resort towns are at the mercy of economics. Nice light is always a help anywhere 🙂

  1. It does look very interesting. I wonder what kinds of rocks those are and what has been going on geologically. I bet there were some interesting things growing on the rocks and in the pools. Great light but looks cold. There is always a conflict of interest when you are a photographer but keeping the family happy is good. Bribery certainly helps.

      • I looked at the website and I immediately want to be there in Bundoran. I seriously feel the need to visit Donegal – can’t plan anything for the moment but it is definitely on my bucket list.
        I am so lucky as a keen photographer because my partner makes every allowance for my dawdling. He has his own interests and happily wanders off doing his own thing for hours, reporting back if he sees anything that I might want to snap – he has a good eye. Wonderfully tolerant.

      • That’s the ideal scenario Jessica. My family are usually very patient, but I am quite capable of testing anyone’s patience when I get absorbed! You’d love Donegal, but be warned, I’ve found even a lifetime isn’t enough to fully explore it.

  2. Excellent sequence. Many us in other parts of the world do not associate Ireland with beeches and seasides. We have had our expectations shaped by mass media. 😀
    Nice to see a different part of the Irish reality. 🙂

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