Banagher Glen


Altnaheglish Dam and Reservoir.



Banagher Glen in Co. Derry is a nature reserve with a walk up through the glen to Altnaheglish Dam and Reservoir.  The walk up the steep sided glen passes through broad leaf, then coniferous woodland before reaching the Dam.  It was just after Christmas when we visited, and there was a bit of snow and ice around.  The starting point of the path, where we were parked, is at the bottom of a fairly steep brae, and we were a bit concerned that when the sun went down, the road would become even more slippery than it had been on the way in.  We didn’t want to risk getting stuck, so rushed up as far as the dam, and returned just as it got dark.  We didn’t get time therefore to continue the walk as it circles the reservoir.  We did see enough however, to make us keen to come back and explore further.




Near the start of the walk.




As you progress the path gets increasingly higher up the steep sides of the glen.




The dam and reservoir coming into view.






We’ll definitely have to go back as you can walk along the top of the dam itself, and around the reservoir, neither of which we had time for.  Luckily though, when we got back to the car, although it was freezing, but we were able to get up the hill and back out to the main road.



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