Looking down on Rossnowlagh beach.


Near the end of November we took a drive around South Donegal, enjoying a cold but bright winter day on a few of the beaches.  We didn’t go down on to Rossnowlagh beach, but admired it from the cliffs above the southern end.


















Rossnowlagh is a beautiful beach, but not one I visit that often, as it tends to get very busy, particularly on hot summer days when it will be packed with people and cars.  Looking at it again that day prompted me to dig out some old photos, which i took just as I was getting seriously interested in photography, and had bought a Fujifilm Finepix S7000 6 megapixel bridge camera, which i was really excited about.  All of the following photos were taken on that camera.




A shot from a similar spot, on a summer day, showing the crowds the beach attracts.  It gets a lot busier even than shown here, as the tide was well in at that time.




Taken in July 2005 when the Celtic Tiger was still roaring!  A helicopter coming in to land at the Sandhouse Hotel.



Even at the height of summer, it is possilbe to find quiet moments on the beach in the evenings.  The tide comes in almost all the way to the rocks, and when there are a lot of cars, there can be a rush to get off the beach in time, as there are only a few exits for traffic.  Sometimes not all the cars make it, and there are times when many get caught by the sea water.

I was passing one July evening and realised there was a spectacular sunset on the way.  I took a diversion down to the beach and incredibly, found it almost deserted.  I spent a happy hour taking photos of the sunset over Donegal Bay.  It was an evening which I’m sure contributed to getting me really hooked on photography.

























A rare moment of solitude on a popular beach.


2 thoughts on “Rossnowlagh

    1. Thanks Jessica. Early efforts at photography for me in the sunset shots. Good as a memory aid – I can always remember more clearly when i’ve got photographs from a trip.

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