Dusting Of Snow


A light dusting of snow this morning.

My treacherous back has a habit of giving up on me every now and again, and did so in mid October, keeping me out of the moutains since.  Once I was able to move again, I did get a few trips out at lower altitude (I didn’t want to risk it seizing up on a mountain), and I have a little bit of a backlog to get through now, as sitting at the computer for too long has also been a bit of a problem.  I’m feeling ready again now to venture up on to the higher ground again I think.  But, I was still pleased this morning to see a dusting of snow and an impressive sky just standing at my front door.  There’s a lot of satisfaction in really having to make an effort to get an image, but its nice sometimes when they just fall in your lap.

2 thoughts on “Dusting Of Snow

  1. Thanks John, appreciate your comment and good wishes. Very frustrating this last while, but itching to get back out, and ready now I think. Keeping moving is usually the best thing for it.

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