On The Way To Soldiers Hill


Looking north along the coast.



We recently took a drive around the northern end of Inishowen in Co. Donegal, with the loose intention of visiting some local beauty spots including Five Finger Strand, and Malin Head.  The first place we looked for however, was Soldiers Hill, which promised great views, and which will form the basis of my next post.  As we approached the hill, and left again on the way to Malin Head, we came across some other interesting little spots, which I’ll include here to start off this series of posts from the Malin area.




At the seaward end of Trawbreaga Bay, looking across towards the Urris Hills, Binnion Hill and Dunaff Head.



Inland, we came across this evidence of old-fashioned, and now rarely seen, farming methods.











A stunning mural showing a basking shark which can be seen in the seas around Malin, and Malin Head in the background.



Next post – on to Soldiers Hill.

3 thoughts on “On The Way To Soldiers Hill

  1. It is a very long time since I’ve seen wheat cut and dried like that but I have a picture somewhere of myself aged about ten trying to hold a similar “stook” while on a family holiday at Broadstairs in Kent!

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